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My name is Harold, but when i was in school my friends used to call me Harry.  The school i went to was not an ordinary secondary school, but it was something deeper and weirder. Apart from widespread science subjects we also had to study magic - in other words science of how to controll the nations by means of some specific manipulations etc. But this site is not about it. What i'm after is how to apply my magic powers in order to make ordinary students love english and facilitate the fun in education, and to convert  stupid drilling into fascinating adventure. And i know HOW to do that because since the age of 7 the most famous magicians of Great Britain did exactly the same thing with my friends and me when we had to stгdy tons of weird pages of ancient scriptures. And believe me many of us failed to hold on even a single year. But those of us who survived acquired the real knowledge of how to reach one's goal, but firstly of how to set goals. And my goal is you, my little friends, who are eager to go all lengths to reach the tops. And this is what i'm here for - i'm going to be close to you on your way, and surely will make your journey easier and funnier. So, join us! And up to the top!


Идея создания сайта возникла от желания поделиться своим опытом, своими методическими наработками, образцами учебно-методической документации, а также проектами и творческими работами учащихся.

Размещенная на сайте информация предназначена для преподавателей английского языка, учащихся и всех, кто изучает английский язык.


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